Friday, May 27, 2016

Our Top 5 Outdoor Summer Products

Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer and it is the first of many summer weekends families get to spend at the lake, a campground, or just outside in general. We have compiled a list of our most loved products for the outdoors that make life with a little one a little bit easier.

1. Babiators 

These super stylish shades are the most amazing pair of sunglasses you will find for babies and children. The flexible rubber frames make them nearly impossible to accidentally break--and if you do, they will replace them for FREE as long as you have registered them online. There is an additional accessories pack that includes a sunglasses bag (to keep them safe), straps (to keep them on), and a lens cloth (to keep them clean). They are conveniently sized at 0-3 years and 3-7 years and come in tons of cool colors.

Babiators Sunglasses $19.99
Babiators Accessories Pack $9.99

2. Ciao Baby Portable High Chairs

These foldable and functional high chairs are perfect for the family on the go. Whether you spend a lot of time at the campground, grandma's house, or even eating out at restaurants, the Ciao Baby Chair will save you tons of time and space. When folded, they are the size of a camping chair and even come with a bag and handle for easy carrying, making them super easy to throw in the trunk and take out when you need it. A mesh cupholder and easy-to-clean tray surface make this already great product even more functional. These are not just for summer--use them year round, likewhen you travel for the holidays! They come in a rainbow of colors, plus camo--Mossy Oak and Pink Mossy Oak. (Check these out in our online store!)

Ciao Baby Solid Colors $69.99
Ciao Baby Camo Colors $79.99

3. Monkey Mat

The Monkey May is a portable floor that you can take with you wherever you need to have a clean space on the ground-- at the beach, a picnic, a sporting event, wherever! It provides you with a 5'x5' clean space on the ground to let baby sit and play, then it folds up into a little pouch you can just toss in the diaper bag.

Monkey Mat $19.99

4. Honest Company Bug Spray

Keep the bugs at bay without using harsh chemicals on or near your little ones. It is natural, safe, organic, and--most of all-- effective.

Honest Co. Bug Spray $12.95

5. Holly & Beau Color Changing Umbrellas and Raincoats and Magnificent Baby Raincoats

As much as we love the sunshine, we get kind of excited when it rains because we get to test out our new raincoats and umbrellas that, in addition to being super cute, actually change colors in the rain! Kids will have so much fun watching as the rain drops work their magic. And, if you want to pack a raincoat without the bulk, you can just fold these up and turn them into a little bag with a handle--super convenient for those days that are sunny one minute and rainy the next. We are equally as excited about our Magnificent Baby Raincoats which have magnetic closure and some fun patterns! With these fantastically fun products, kids will get excited to play outside, even when the rainy clouds move in.

Holly & Beau Color Changing Raincoats $58.00
Holly & Beau Color Changing Umbrellas $22.00
Magnificent Baby Magnetic Raincoats $39.99

Whether you are heading to the lake this weekend or just hanging around home, we hope you all have a safe and fun weekend!

~Baby's on Broadway

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Welcome to the B.O.B Mob!

Welcome to the Baby's on Broadway B.O.B Mob Moms Blog! If you are familiar with our store, you know how much we love to provide our customers with a one-on-one personalized shopping experience. To continue to share our knowledge of products and parenting, we have created a mom group called the B.O.B Mob and host a mom meeting every Monday night from 5:30-7, featuring a new topic each time.  This blog is where we will talk about all things baby, from tips and advice to our favorite new products. We hope you will keep the conversation going by commenting to share your thoughts, questions, and experiences. Thanks for joining the B.O.B Mob!