Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Crib Mattress Buying Guide

A car seat isn't the only important safety purchase for your baby. Think about what a baby will spend most (over half, actually) of their time doing in the first year (hint: parents will be doing less of it)-- sleeping! Since so much time will be spent snoozin', it is crucial to get a mattress that will leave baby comfortable and safe throughout the night.

If you don't have the first clue about what to look for in a crib mattress, you're not alone. For most parents, the mattress is an afterthought and they just get the first one they can find because, really, how in the world do you tell a good mattress apart from a bad one? Here are a couple things to look for.

Breathability. This is one of the most important features of a crib mattress, and we cannot stress it enough. Make sure that the mattress itself and the cover are breathable to allow airflow around baby as he sleeps. Not only will this keep baby cool and comfortable, leading to a better night's sleep for all, but increased circulation ensures that baby will still be able to breath clean air even if he rolls onto his belly. Studies suggest that having increased air circulation in the nursery and crib area reduces the risk of SIDS by 70%. Nook mattresses are so breathable that your baby can actually breath right through it! Expert design, pebble textures fabric, and special fabric weaves make Nook one of the safest mattresses for baby to sleep on.

Non-Toxic Materials. We do our best to protect our children and ourselves from products that contain harmful chemicals, but who would think that a mattress could be harmful? Unfortunately, safety standard for crib mattresses are highly unregulated; one of the only requirements is that it is flame retardant. Well, sometimes those flame-resistant chemicals can be pretty nasty. Even a little exposure to chemicals over a long period of time can have negative health effects, which is why it is important to make sure that what your child is sleeping on is completely non-toxic. Nook uses completely natural flame-retardants and keeps their materials as natural as possible--even using an organic coconut coir for natural breathability in the Pebble Pure.

Waterproof. Accidents happen, but if clean up if super easy, its like they never did. While your mattress should be waterproof, take a look at how that waterproof-ability is achieved. You don't want it to affect the breathability, so a plastic-y feel is no good. Nook soaks their mattresses in a NanoSphere® bath so the mattress is still completely breathable but still water-resistant. Also watch out for mattresses with quilted textures or stitching along the edges, as it can be a breeding ground for bacteria and even let some moisture through to the inside of the mattress (which leads to worse things, like mold).

Firmness. Here's the test: place your hand on the mattress and push down; if it pops right back up, it should be firm enough for an infant. It can be difficult to tell sometimes, so comparing mattresses side by side can be helpful. Nook makes 3 different levels of crib mattresses with gradated firmness, and all are equally suited for safe sleeping. Another plus of Nook's mattresses is that they actually have a firmer infant side and a softer toddler side to maximize comfort as your baby grows.

Cost. Don't let price tags scare you. Yes, you could buy a $30 mattress that would get the job done, but is it really going to hold up through all the (inevitable) accidents and last through the toddler years? If you invest is a quality mattress right away, it will last you multiple years (even multiple children) without getting icky buildup. Not to mention, the mattress itself is superior in safety and comfort to the cheaper alternatives. Prices can range from $30 to $400, but there are some great middle-ground price-points out there, like the Nook Pebble Air, which just happens to be our favorite.

Browse all of Nook's incredible products here on our website!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Product Review: Yorba Organics

We've all heard that reading labels is important, but do you ever stop to check what ingredients are in things other than food? Take skincare products, for example. Even products that may seem harmless are full of hidden chemicals that we are putting directly on our bodies--and our children's.

But how do you know what is safe and what to avoid? (Especially when the names of some of the ingredients are longer than the alphabet) Here is a list of a few common ingredients that are less-than-healthy for our bodies:

Parfum (a short and sweet way of saying "a bunch of chemicals to make this product smell good" in most cases), Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) (a mixture of ingredients that helps other ingredients--both good and bad--penetrate the skin. The lower the number that follows, the more easily the skins absorbs it.), Talc (we've all heard about this one and its links to ovarian cancer), Mineral Oil

Take a look at the ingredients in some of these "baby friendly" products. How many chemicals can you spot?

 Johnson's Head to Toe Baby Wash
Water (eau), Cocamidopropyl Betaine, PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate, Sodium Trideceth Sulfate, PEG-150 Distearate, Glycerin, Polyquaternium-10, Tetrasodium EDTA, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Benzoate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Parfum

Desitin Diaper Paste: Zinc Oxide, Petrolatum, Cod Liver Oil, Lanolin, Talc, Glycerin, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Beeswax, Tocopheryl Acetate, Fragrance

Aquaphor Baby Healing Skin Ointment: Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Ceresin, Lanolin Alcohol, Panthenol, Glycerin, Bisabolol

Along comes Yorba...

Even products that say they are organic may only contain one or two "organic" ingredients, and it is hard to know what brands to trust. That is why, when we came across this 100% natural origin line of skincare products for the whole family, we just couldn't wait to bring them to our customers. Yorba is 100% organic, and each ingredient has completely natural origins. The smell good, work amazing, and are totally safe for the entire family. We have carried these products for about a year now, and we gotten great reviews and tested and loved them ourselves.

Here is a quick rundown of some of their natural ingredients used in their products:

Mafura: Mafura has incredible healing properties, while improving elasticity with its nourishing and moisturizing abilities. It is rich in essential fatty acids (palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic) and has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties due to the presence of limonids. Mafura hunts down damaging free radicals more effectively than other oils.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. This makes it great for healing cuts, abrasions and skin irritations. It’s packed with as many as 75 nutrients, 20 minerals, 12 vitamins, and 18 amino acids. It also has over 200 active enzymes. Aloe Vera has been known to protect the skin by stopping the growth of bacteria, fungi and some viruses. It has been proven beneficial for dry skin, keeping it hydrated while increasing elasticity and providing the oxygen needed for skin to stay youthful and healthy.

Marula Oil: Marula Oil is renowned for its cleansing and refreshing properties. It also provides protection against free radicals and helps to repair the skin. Marula Oil has a pH very close to our skin pH so it is mild and gentle enough to be used on even the most sensitive of skins

Baobab: Baobab (Tree) Powder has high levels of omega fatty acids and virtually unparalleled antioxidant properties. Baobab is a super fruit and is rich in vitamin C, calcium and magnesium. It also has prebiotic properties to support skin health.

Kigelia: Kigelia is a clinically proven antibacterial and is known to aid in the natural treatment of very dry skin conditions and Eczema. It is packed with nutrients that aid in the repair of damaged or aging skin. Kigelia is also a highly effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredient.

Kalahari Melon: As the ancestors of the humble watermelon, Kalahari Melons grow in some of the remotest places on the planet. Oil derived from these plants has remarkable regenerative properties and helps to rejuvenate skin cells. It contains high levels of essential fatty acids, oils, proteins, minerals and nutrients. These allow the Kalahari Melon to keep skin young, supple and hydrated after use.

Some of our favorite baby products are their Baby Body Oil, Baby Wash & Shampoo, Diaper Cream, and Baby Powder. When you find a product that is gentle, effective, and safe for baby, its a total win.

They don't just specialize in baby products, either; they have a whole bunch of great mom products, too! Their Refreshing Face Cleanser and Revitalizing Face Moisturizer are a great addition to a nighttime taking-off-your-make-up routine. For a luxury spa day right at home, try their Softening Foot & Heel Balm, which seriously takes care of those cracked heels. Replace your shower products with the Nourishing Shampoo, Repairing Conditioner, and Exfoliating Clay Wash to go organic and natural.  Expecting mamas love the Stretch Mark Cream, and their Nipple Cream is our new favorite for nursing moms.

And one product that everyone is sure to love (because we sure do!) this summer is the Insect Repellant lotion!

Try this amazing brand today and get 20% off! Use code YORBA online or mention this post in store! Shop here:!/~/search/keywords=yorba&offset=0&sort=relevance

Monday, June 19, 2017

Must-Haves for Moms of Multiples

Twins have been all the buzz in Hollywood lately; first George and Amal, and now Queen Bey herself, have finally given birth to twins! With all the twin-talk goin on, we figured we'd share some of our favorite products made for multiples.

A functional stroller is an absolute must-have for twins! Uppababy Vista is the ultimate double stroller that will last for years! You can fit 2 car seats, 2 bassinets, 2 toddler seats, or mix and match to make going out-and-about with two littles easy as can be. Definitely a great investment!
Feeding one baby is tricky enough, let alone two! Here to save your sanity is the TwinZ Pillow, a specially designed feeding pillow for twins. It's unique shape lets you feed both your little ones at the same time, whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding. It also works great for tummy time and play time!

If you're a family that will be on-the-go a lot, a baby carrier is must. But with twins, the options are limited. That's why we love the TwinGo carrier that lets you carry both babies at once! If you are going solo, the TwinGo can be worn with one child on the front and one on the back. But if you have a helper for the day, you can split it up and carry one child each. Perfect for going to busy events that aren't very stroller friendly.

Share this with a new or expectant mama of twins that you know! Let us know some other innovative twin products that you love!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mother's Day Gifts for the Mom-to-Be

Still searching for that special Mother's day gift for a mom-to-be? We have rounded up some of our most-loved mom products to make gift buying a little easier for you.

Diaper Bag

A diaper bag from Petunia Pickle Bottom, JuJuBe, or Little Unicorn is the perfect gift for the mom who needs function and loves style. Each bag has plenty of pockets so every bottle, bib, and binky is in its place. 


Moms could always use some me-time. Giving her some luxury skincare products lets her take some well-deserved time to pamper herself. Basq Skincare carries a complete line of pregnancy, stretchmark, and skin products that are love my moms everywhere--even celebrities! Yorba Organics also has a line of products made for mom including face wash, face moisturizer, exfoliating clay wash, and more. They smell amazing and are all organic!


Mom will adore these fashionable accessories that double as functional products for baby! Covered Goods infinity scarves do quadruple duty, serving as a scarf, nursing cover, cart cover, and carseat cover! 

Or a Gift Card!

If you're not sure what she wants or needs but still want to treat her to something special--go with a gift card! 

Let us help you get her a gift she'll love! Just stop in or give us a call at 320-639-2229. We can even ship to your door!

Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day! Our Favorite Earth-Friendly Products

Earth day only happens once a year, but we love these Earth-friendly products all year round! Check out some of our favorites below.

Re-play Recycled

We love Re-Play for a ton of reasons, but here are our top 3:
1) Made from 100% recycled milk jugs
2) Extremely durable and dishwasher safe
3) So many bright colors!


EcoKids makes all natural art and play supplies from play dough to crayons to sidewalk paint! Natural ingredients make EcoKids art supplies completely safe--and fun--to play with!


If you're looking for a greener way to clean, try e-cloths! The super soft reusable cloths clean everything from little hands and faces to countertops and windows--with just water! No chemical cleaners, and no need to go through a roll of paper towels when you clean the house.

Green Toys

Green Toys are 100% recycled, 100% made in the USA, and 100% fun! With trucks and tugboats and even tea sets, Green Toys has something for every little player out there. 

Let us know what your favorite eco-friendly products are!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mix & Match Nursery on a Budget

We're back! It's been a while since we have posted, but we are planing on getting back into the blogging game! Keep an eye out for our future posts, and make sure to follow us (Facebook, Instagram) to stay up to day on the BOB latest!

Creating a Shabby Chic Nursery on a Budget!


If you're like us, you love: a) shopping local and b) some good old shabby chic furniture. We could spend hours (and probably have) browsing some shops though Facebook like Ramshackled Treasures (Zimmerman, MN) and Second Hand Rose (Buffalo, MN). A good chunk of our store displays actually came from Second Hand Rose, and they are just too cute.

Bringing this shabby chic look into your nursery is totally doable, and its super easy!

The Crib:

Start by finding the perfect crib for your nursery. If you are looking for something cute and simple, try the Jenny Lind crib. This style is wildly popular and you can mix and match with any style. Go for a classy, simple look, or try something a bit bolder by choosing a pop of color for the crib.

The Dresser: 

When you are looking for a dresser, try to find one that is at a comfortable height so it can double as a changing table. We recommend using the Peanut Changer (found here) on top because it is non-slip and waterproof so you don't need a changing box. Of course, storage is key, especially if you want your pieces to grow with your child. The options are endless, and it can be a lot of fun to shop around. 

You are sure to find some unique pieces, so have fun making them a focal point of your room! Armoires are a great way to add more style and storage to your room. 

With so many ways to get creative, the nursery possibilities are endless! Head on over to one of your local refurbish boutiques or get your DIY on! If you give it a shot, we'd love to see--tag @babysonbroadway on Facebook or Instagram. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Baby's on Broadway Gives You the Top 17 Products You Need in 2017.

  1. Owlet

We love Owlet. 
We have found that carrying this product in our store has been a blessing for our customers. Not long ago, we had a customer that the Owlet baby monitor, saved her childs life. Seriously.
Read her testimonial below:
"I just wanted to send a huge thank you for carrying the owlet monitor. If you didn't have it on your shelves I probably would have never ordered it. I had the monitor on my two week old son last night and his oxygen dropped it sounded its alarm. I was able to wake him and get him to start breathing again. I don't even want to think about what could have happen if I didn't have it. So thank you for selling a life saving product!"

The Owlet, is a baby monitor that tracks baby's heart rate and oxygen levels via Owlets "Smart Sock"
Retails for $249.99

2. Austlen Baby Co. Entourage

The minivan of strollers has arrived!
I'm a practical mom. I like to get as much use out of ANYTHING I purchase. I do not see a need, for unnecessary things.
Take the grocery store for example.
Get your kid in a stroller, grab a basket, fill up the basket and still not have enough room for everything you need. Proceed to checkout with a screaming child, an overfilled cheap grocery basket and grey hair, already starting to sprout from your head.
No Thank You.
Welcome into my chaotic filled life, the Entourage.
Where have you been all my life? This stroller is BANANAS.
150 lbs. of kid and cargo capacity and more than 30 configurations, the Entourage gives you the freedom to go and do.
Whoa, wait...You not only hold 150 pounds, but you have over 30 configurations??
Hello "Market Tote"
Hello "Cargo Bag (that expands!)"
Hello "Second Seat"
Hello "Sit and Stand"
Hello "3 stage expansion" Retracted-Intermediate-Expanded

You need to watch this thing in action to get what I mean.
Retails for: $849.00

3. Skip Hop Activity Center

Skip Hop came out with this 3 stage Activity Center, smart and functional.
 Designed in collaboration with a pediatrician, the Skip Hop baby activity center supports a “whole body” approach to play and learning. Easy to assemble, with toys that can be positioned anywhere for baby, it features a 360-degree rotating seat that turns and stretches for bouncing. Skip Hops unique Discovery Window lets baby see their feet while they play to learn cause and effect. As baby grows, our activity center converts for easy cruising—ultimately becoming a clean, sturdy table for coloring, playing and more. A modern, clean aesthetic and multiple uses will make this activity center a family favorite!
I love this little Gem!

4. XoXo Buckle Wrap Carrier

Every Repreve blend XOXO Buckle Wrap carrier is made from 15 recycled plastic bottles. Built with a tight rugged weave to stand up to everyday use, the Base collection combines the best Repreve qualities of stretch & grip. Your carrier gets nice and soft after the first wash since it’s a cotton blend, but feels super sturdy and strong. #itslove
ECO2 Collection: Eco2 uses recycled tee shirts and other garments to create a sustainable, lightweight and ultra soft option for your buckle wrap. The regenerated colors retain the original color from the garments, preventing dyes and harmful chemicals from polluting our planet. 
With the quick click of a buckle and the snug hug of a wrap, your XOXO Buckle Wrap Baby Carrier offers a unique combination that makes wearing your baby faster and easier.
Less mess to fuss with. More ♥ to fall in love with

5. Navigate Baby Gate
  • Advanced technology, light weight steel telescopes: This allows the pressure-mount safety gate to be secured at different widths at the top and bottom.
  • Ratcheting system: This simplifies the extending and take down of the gate, you only need seconds.
  • V-Design: Great for any non-conforming wall or unique openings, such as banisters or crown molding.
These three technological advances allow safety gates for babies to provide industry-leading safety and the mobility needed by today’s parents.

6. Baby Bum Brush
We LOVE the Baby Bum Brush here at Baby's on Broadway, and we think it is a must-have for all parents. Not only will this product keep your fingers diaper cream-free, it will also prevent bacteria from being transferred to baby's bum. Did you know you are supposed to wash your hands before applying diaper cream? It makes sense--fingers are full of germs and bacteria--but it is not always practical to run to the sink in the middle of a diaper change. Using the Baby Bum Brush will keep baby's bum--and your fingers-- clean. Keep one at home and one in the diaper bag for on-the-go, you will be glad you did. Get one (or two) for yourself and your friends. This is one product you didn't know you needed, but, like we hear all the time, once you use it you will be saying every mom needs one.

Save 17% by shopping at BabysonBroadway.Com

7. Dock a Tot

The DockATot has quickly become the most sought-after baby product last year, and the trend is sure to continue in the new year. 
The Deluxe dock is the ultimate docking station for your baby ages 0-8 months old. Multifunctional and multitasking, the Dockatot™ Deluxe offers a safe and comfy spot that lets baby rest, lounge, play, cuddle, do tummy time and get diaper changes. Deluxe docks are lightweight and portable, allowing for easy travel. Additional covers are available for purchase to match your mood, room and style.

Designed with love in Sweden and made in Europe. All materials used are breathable, washable and hypoallergenic. DockATot™ offers excellent air-permeability. All filling materials are sourced from world-leading suppliers with hygienic and non-toxic properties.

8. Project Nursery Monitor

Save 17% by shopping at BabysonBroadway.Com

9. Fridababy: The Windi
Save 17% by shopping at BabysonBroadway.Com

10. Sweetooth Teethers:

Save 17% by shopping at BabysonBroadway.Com

11. Trimmo:

Save 17% by shopping at BabysonBroadway.Com

12. Covered Goods

Save 17% by shopping at BabysonBroadway.Com

13. Nested Bean Zen Swaddle

Save 17% by shopping at BabysonBroadway.Com

14. Kizingo:

Save 17% by shopping at BabysonBroadway.Com

15. Baby Shusher:

Save 17% by shopping at BabysonBroadway.Com

16. Beaba Babycook Pro:

Save 17% by shopping at BabysonBroadway.Com

17. Skip Hop Tuo High Chair

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