Saturday, June 4, 2016

Fall in Love With New Nursing Brand Bebe Au Lait

Here at Baby's on Broadway, we are always searching for mom-tested and mom-approved products to bring to our customers to make their lives a little bit easier. Well, for all the breastfeeding moms out there, we have found a brand that we love and know you will too. Bébé au Lait  (which roughly translates to "baby with milk!") is known for their patented Rigiflex Technology in their nursing covers, and they now make a whole line of nursing covers, nursing pillows, and bibs. Keep reading to find out why we love each of their products!

Nursing Covers (Premium Cotton: $36; Premium Muslin: $38; Essentials Set Cotton: $50; Essentials Set Muslin: $52)

Bebe au Lait combines function and style with their mom-designed nursing covers. They are larger than typical covers and are made from high quality 100% cotton or cotton muslin fabrics in a variety of stylish patterns. The adjustable neckline makes these covers truly one size fits all, and they are machine washable for easy care. Two interior terrycloth pockets for easy cleanup and storage add to the functionality, but what makes these nursing covers unique is their patented Rigiflex Technology neckline. A stiff yet flexible neckline allows mom (and only mom) to see baby while feeding, and it lets baby have some ventilation to stay cool. You can get this cover by itself or in a Nursing Essentials set that includes a nursing cover and 2 matching cotton burp cloths perfectly contoured to fit on your shoulder.

Nursing Pillows ($55)

Another product made by a nursing mom, Bebe au Lait's nursing pillow is the ultimate nursing pillow in function. Its open shape allows it to fit any mom, and the adjustable waist strap easily buckles to keep the pillow in place while feeding. The waist strap can double as a carrying strap in addition to the handle to allow easy carrying. Two outside pockets let you store burp cloths, pacifiers, and anything else you need quick and easy access to while feeding. These pillows are designed to be the optimum height for feeding, plus it is dual sides so you can choose between soft and firm. And, just like their nursing covers, both the pillow and the removable cover are machine washable. 

Quadruple Bib ($14)

The Quadruple Bib is another genius product, featuring 4 clean surfaces--two absorbent terrycloth and two printed cotton.  This bib actually closes in front by overlapping two of the surfaces and uses magnets to snap shut, making it easier to put on take off.  Plus, because of the magnets, you can just store these bibs right on your fridge! Again, clean up is super easy--just toss it in the washer! 

We are so excited to bring this amazing brand to you, and we hope you love it as much as we do! Visit us to see the stylish patterns we have in stock of each of these products and try them out today!

~Baby's on Broadway